Scrap metal: 8 feet or less (must be 85% metal or more to qualify for recycling) Yard debris / clean wood debris* *Fees assessed Includes leaves, weeds, flowers, roots, grass clippings, shrubbery, and small tree trimmings/branches. Wood branches under 4 inches in diameter can be up to 10 feet in length Mar 20, 2017Founded more than a decade ago, Scrap Metal Services is a leader in the industry, prioritizing recycling and environmental safety, and handling all operations with integrity. We have quickly grown from a small scrap processing plant in Burnham, Illinois, to a highly effective company that provides a diverse range of services.

Turkey Increasingly Important to US Ferrous Scrap Metal

US scrap markets for ferrous metals will continue to rely on exports, despite the Section 232 measures adopted by the Trump administration, according to Fastmarkets metals analyst Lee Allen.. Making a presentation to the latest meeting of the Bureau of International Recycling's Ferrous Division the Allen told delegates that Turkey's reliance on US scrap imports has increased since the

Oct 29, 2012The recycling of scrap carbide is vital for several reasons and whether you are looking to contribute your bit toward nature and environment or otherwise you simply looking to be as cost effective as possible, there are very strong arguments for taking recycling of carbide very seriously. End mills are one such tool that are used

Perfect planning and a tight timetable are indispensable when recycling scrap material. Cargo ships, freight trains and trucks deliver scrap metal by the ton and then take loads of the best recycled steel away. Within the space of a few hours, the old scrap metal is subjected to scorching heat; at tapping temperatures of over 1600 C (2900 F

From various scrap metals to electronic recycling, we have everything you need for an easy recycling experience. Marietta Recycling Corp. Recycle your scrap steel, copper, and brass easily and fairly with our drop off scrap yard in Marietta. Help out your environment by bringing your various scrap metal in for us to recycle, and get paid for

As a full-service scrap metal recycling company, Cozzi Recycling's customers benefit from our distinct competitive advantages. We're a direct mill supplier of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, and one of the few companies in the Chicago area that offers complete recycling solutions.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

ISRI 2020 Shredder Ops Forum, November 4-5. The ISRI Fall 2020 Shredder Operation, a two-day virtual event, is designed for those who are involved in the safe and efficient day-to-day operations of shredders as well as for those who want a better understanding of the issues and challenges shredders face in the scrap recycling industry.

Welcome To Wyoming Steel and Recycling Iron and Metals, Inc. We offer many services including scrap materials for recycling, used oil field equipment, and complete site removal. We will also consider purchasing any business and all of its inventory and equipment for quick liquidation. P.O. BOX 159 Mills, WY 82644 Phone: 307-237-6615 - Fax

Public Cash Prices Here. Mid City Scrap is wholesale retail scrapyard located at 548 State Rd (Rt. 6) in Westport, MA. RETAIL: Mid City Scrap buys scrap metal for recycling purposes from the general public for cash.. Unlike yards that exclusively pay via check or debit cards, Mid City Scrap has held to the long standing tradition of paying in cash* for all ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal

Mill Metals Recycling is a full service Demolition, Scrap Metal, and CD Recycling company serving NH, MA ME. Mill Metals Recycling is focused on making your demolition, scrap metal, and CD recycling a more profitable part of your business. We can help your bottom line by getting the highest spot prices for your scrap metal or by containing

Aug 13, 2019The Kentucky mill, operating under the name Phoenix Paper, reopened this year and began producing pulp. But this month, company officials said they will invest $200 million to install a paper recycling facility on the site. The development was highlighted in a press release from Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin.

CMC provides management services for industrial manufacturing companies that generate scrap metal as a byproduct of their manufacturing process. Our Global Scrap Management Services Group is a dedicated team of professionals that will work closely with you to analyze, design, implement and manage a custom solution to maximize the value for your

With an 80+ year history in the textile waste processing industry, Miller Waste Mills™ Inc. continues the tradition of manufacturing quality natural and synthetic fiber materials from recycled textiles. A rebirth of innovation has resulted in new custom fiber reprocessing techniques designed to reclaim fibers from a variety of waste streams.

The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ) works closely with you, the customer, to customize scrap management programs – whether you choose to ship your material via railcar, dump trailer, roll offs or lugger boxes – and provide mill direct shipments to maximize the revenue you receive for the industrial scrap metal generated.DJJ's nationwide industrial customer list includes most automobile


Metal scrap recycling, also called secondary metal processing, is a large industry that processes, in the U.S. alone, 56 million tons of scrap iron and steel (including 10 million tons of scrap automobiles), 1.5 million tons of scrap copper, 2.5 million tons of scrap aluminum, 1.3 million tons of scrap lead, 300,000 tons of scrap zinc and 800,000 tons of scrap stainless steel, and smaller

Schnitzer is a global leader in the metals recycling industry. Founded in 1906, we collect, process and recycle raw scrap metal (ferrous and nonferrous) and provide processed scrap metal to mills and foundries around the world. Our used auto parts stores provide low-cost quality parts to customers across the U.S. and Canada.

The 2 used scrap electric cable recycling Turbo Mills are in good working order and are available immediately ex site Greece. Both cable recycling Turbo Mills come complete with a spare set of new Knifes and wear plates/linings and both Turbo Mills have a combined throughput capacity of circa 2

Recycling used to be called scrap-processing, which is why you hear people refer to Friedland as a scrap yard. Both of these terms are correct. Our role in the recycling process is to separate, clean, shear, shred, sort and bale commodities such as steel, copper, aluminum, and all types of paper, which are then sent to various mills to be re

The steel industry has been recycling for over 150 years. The steel industry's largest source of raw material is scrap metal, which is commonly collected by recycling steel. Recycling steel saves 75 percent of the energy that would be used to create steel from raw

The steel industry has been recycling for over 150 years. The steel industry's largest source of raw material is scrap metal, which is commonly collected by recycling steel. Recycling steel saves 75 percent of the energy that would be used to create steel from raw

Mobile and stationary hammer mill shredders with complete downstream solutions. We see the future of scrap processing differently and believe the processing power is shifting to the small yards. Our sole focus is to arm small scrap yards with affordable, hammer mill processing and sorting solutions.

Purchasing, selling and recycling scrap metal is the foundation of our business. CMC's strict quality guidelines and our rigorous processes of inspecting all inbound materials, along with ongoing proper maintenance of our equipment demonstrates our commitment to operating our facilities in a manner that protects human health, natural resources and the environment.

Milliron recycling. Milliron Recycling is one of the premier full-service recycling companies in the region. We hand retail recycling with our customer friendly buy-back center so you can bring in your cans and scrap in a clean, friendly atmosphere. We can also service your parts manufacturing scrap with our roll-off container service.

Recycling Mill. We have mills to obtain the best performance in recycling. Continue reading . Purchase of cardboard Continue Reading. More than 20 years of experience specialized in the process of recycling industrial scrap, buy sell scrap, copper, aluminium, PET, glass, iron, bronce, etc.