This festival came about through a quest for a truly sublime chocolate experience.
We have since discovered that chocolate appreciation is no less complex than that of wine or coffee and we believe that the intense flavours and many delights of premium chocolate will be well worth your efforts in seeking them out.

We want everyone to wake up to quality chocolate – before it runs out!

Our aim:

  • To offer new sources of inspiration
  • Promote skill, creativity & craft
  • Reveal new talents & creative ideas
  • Help to build small businesses and promote entrepreneurship
  • Stimulate and raise awareness of the Chocolate Industry in SA
  • Maintain high standards of chocolate work & ethical sourcing on par with the rest of the world

What’s in it for the visitors?

  • Retail chocolate therapy, education and entertainment.
  • Chocolatiers, chocolate artists, pastry and cake designers for special events.
  • Culinary schools, tools, innovative gadgets and delicious ingredients for sale.
  • Businesses looking for new talent in the industry, ideas pool, entrepreneurs wanting to explore their own creative potential, general talent spotting and suppliers of everything to do with chocolate.
  • We are aiming at high-end visitors who appreciate good food, good wine and good chocolate.
  • Game Lodges, B&B’S, Restaurants, boutique hotels and corporate procurement of fine product out of the top end of the chocolate industry.

A quality chocolate mission – all under one roof!