MOLTEN MAGIC – Chocolate Emporium

  • CHOCOLATIERS, PATISSIERS, BAKERS and CONFECTIONERS – stylish and intensely aromatic finest quality chocolate in all its guises, with fabulously indulgent chocolate bars, bonbons, truffles, french patisserie, brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes and truffle tarts – and confectionery such as various honey nougats, macarons, artisanal marshmallows, 50 flavours of fudge and toffees, freshly made rose-scented Turkish delight, macadamia shortbread and other baker’s confectionery and biscuits – all enrobed, filled or made with chocolate – plus fresh artisan breads and a variety of croissants.
  • HEALTHY, VEGAN, BANTING, RAW, SUGAR-FREE –  Chocolate is a superfood and so we offer variations of it to suit all styles of healthy eating – delicious, and guilt-free!.
  • STELLENBOSCH WINE ROUTES – A selection of fine WINES, WHISKY, BRANDY, VODKA and CAP CLASSIQUE and interesting pairings to taste and enjoy. We are even launching a brand new non alcoholic bubbly for our Muslim and Teetotaler Chocolate Loving visitors.
  • HOT CHOCOLATE  – all kinds and all flavours, single origin, alcoholic or OTT decadent!
  • Decorative chocolate and SUGAR CRAFT designs, cake & cupcake wrappings, decorations, presentations, novelties and innovations.
  • The latest in COOK’S TOOLS including molds and kitchen gadgets and equipment for cooking, baking, chocolate creations and decorative sugar craft work.