Short Courses & Professional Courses


Lindt Chocolate Studio

In the beautifully equipped Lindt Chocolate Studio at the Cape Quarter in Cape Town you can select from a variety of Short (evening) Fun classes; Master classes; Seasonal (St Valentine’s day Father’s Day etc) classes and Chocolate & Wine pairing or Team building classes.


CT Studio – Shop B104 Cape Quarter, 72 de Waterkant St. De Waterkant, Tel: 021 – 831 0360
Jhb Studio – Shop 38, Design Quarter, William Nichol Drive, Jhb. Tel: 021 – 831 0380

All classes are repeated monthly so check their website for dates throughout the year’

Fun Evening Classes

  1. Swiss Brownie Affair;        R550; 5.30 – 7pm
  2. Art of Cupcake making;    R400; 5.30 – 7pm
  3. Chocolate Appreciation    R200; 5.30 – 7pm

Seasonal Classes

  1. Halloween Dark Festival (desserts); R480        5.30 – 7pm
  2. Easter Kids Fun Class;                         R250;       5.30 – 7pm
  3. Festive Season Kids Class;                  R280;     10.00 – 11am
  4. Chocolate & Wine Pairing;                  R240;       5.30 – 7pm

Team building

  1. Art of Cupcake making                         R400
  2. Chocolate Appreciation and tasting   R220
  3. The art of Truffle making                     R400
  4. Master Chocolatier Action station      R400

Kids team building

  1. Lindt cookie-pizza bake-up    R150
  2. Bean to Bar                                R100

Master Classes

  1. The art of cake making;       R980;      10 – 2pm
  2. The art of the macaron;        R980;     10 – 2pm
  3. Les Grande Tarts & Tortes   R980;    10 – 3pm
  4. Classical boutique pastries  R980;     10 – 3pm
  5. Cookies, biscuits and slices R550;      10 – 1pm
  6. Mouldings and fillings;        R880;     10 – 3pm
  7. Puddings, Custards & Tarts; R750;    10 – 2pm
  8. European cakes, pastries and tortes; R980; 10 – 2pm




Institute of Culinary Arts

Tel: 021 – 885 1414; Email: Farm Calenick, Sevenrivieren Rd, Banhoek, Stellenbosch 7612

The INSTITUTE FOR CULINARY ARTS (ICA), situated off the Helshoogte pass on the Sevenrivieren Road in Banhoek, is one of South Africa’s leading training schools for world-class chefs. They offer an 18mth; a 2-yr and a 3-yr course in Culinary Arts and Patisserie.

This course is for people who are already working in the industry but who lack formal qualifications.

  • 18mth City &Guilds International Diploma in Food preparation and Culinary art – including patisserie.

This course prepares students as fully qualified, professional chefs and includes a diploma in advanced patisserie.

  • 2-year ICA City & Guilds International diploma in Culinary Arts & patisserie

The flagship 3-year programme offers full chef qualifications and an advanced patisserie diploma with further education on product development. Media communications and food theatre; Business management, accountancy, communications and leadership skills – or events restaurant management & professional sommelier as career options.


The Private Hotel School

Tel: 021 881 3792   Email: 33 Vlottenburg Road Stellenbosch 7604

The Private Hotel School is based in the beautiful Stellenbosch Winelands, not far from Spier wine farm where the chocolate festival will be held.

  • 6 month full-time course, CA 206 teaches bakery principles as well as how to make a range of bakery products, hot and cold desserts as well as cakes and chocolates.

The school also offers a range of chef courses in: international culinary arts; culinary enterprise and hospitality management. Courses range from 6 months to 2 years – full time or distance learning and up to SAQA level 7.

There is a hands-on introduction to culinary arts; a quantity food production; and a CA 205 professional cooking course that includes food science and safety, nutrition, arts and cultural awareness.

For professional certificate 6-month, short courses:


Silwood Kitchen

Tel: 021 686 4894;  Email: Silwood Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town

Founded by Lesley Faull, Commandarie des Cordons Bleues de France, with her daughter,Alicia Wilkinson as present principal and assisted by granddaughter Carianne Wilson – the Silwood School of Cookery has been training cordon bleu chefs for over 50 years. It is situated in Rondebosch, one of the leafy Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and offers a three-year course, consisting of:

YEAR 1, This one-year course includes baking, sugar craft skills such as confectionery and sweet making – together with the City & Guilds Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts, and results in a Diploma in Patisserie.

YEAR 2, Students gain industry exposure working in 5 different industry kitchens; do product development; formulate a plan to open their own business; do advanced sugar craft skills and a Cape Wine International Wine course. They are exposed to top caterers, food stylists, food selectors, products developers and many different chef experiences.

YEAR 3 – the Silwood Grande Diploma, is a 12 month apprenticeship in an approved Silwood kitchen.

To find out about their part time evening courses, run on an ad-hock basis, call them on the above telephone number.

Prue Leith

Founder patron, Prue Leith was originally from Johannesburg but found fame in London where she opened a number of successful businesses, won the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the year award and was honoured by the queen with first an OBE and then a CBE for her contribution and dedication in the industry. The Prue Leith academy in Pretoria is regularly rated as one of the finest chef training institutions in South Africa. They offer a variety of short courses in May and November every year:–

  2. One Saturday; 9 – 1pm; You will learn to make sweet and savoury pastry and delicious fillings
  4. One Saturday; 9 – 1pm; You will learn how to work with chocolate and how to make a number of confectionery items.
  6. 13 sessions; (part time) this will develop your skills in cake decorating and sugar craft and is good for people interested in setting up their own business. On completion, you may enrol in the ‘Advanced Certificate in Sugar Craft’.
  8. Two Saturdays; 9-1pm where you will learn to produce and shape a variety of classic breads.
  10. Four days 9 – 3pm where you will learn fine-tune your skills in creating cakes and decorating them.

The Diploma in Patisserie – 6 months (full time) offers classical French training that includes baking, Viennoiserie, custards, mousses, meringues, chocolate and sugar craft as well as costing, menu planning, management and design, that will equip you to go into employment directly thereafter.

The Diploma in Patisserie 12 months (part time) is another option and offers the same instruction as above and also equips you to go into the industry directly thereafter.


The CAPSICUM CULINARY STUDIO is the largest chef school in Southern Africa, offering a range of chef courses and cooking classes at all levels. The culinary school offers both chocolate and pastry courses (CT and Jhb campuses only):

  1. PROGRAMME IN CHOCOLATE ARTS AND CONFECTIONERY. An 8-week programme. This will suit a highly creative personality and covers gateaux, decoration, centrepieces, truffles, pralines, desserts, confectionery, soft centred ganaches, nougats and so on.
  2. DIPLOMA IN PATISSERIE. A 9-month course; full time or part time (6-10pm, twice a week)
    This course teaches the range of skills necessary to enable you to work in the industry, either in a bakery, a confectionery; to head up a pastry kitchen at a top establishment, or to open your own specialist business.


Francois Ferreira

www, Tel 044 884 0765 Email: This is part of the PW Botha College in York Street, George in the W Cape. The Francois Ferreira Academy offers fulltime as well as distance learning, they also offer numerous in-service training opportunities and skills driven community workshops. Established in 2004, the academy provides training excellence in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management.  They are fully accredited with City & Guilds and registered for short learning programs with CATHSSETA, and are in the process of getting accreditation for a full qualification with CATHSSETA.  They are also recognised as a Training Provider by the South African Chefs Association and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Their Diploma in Patisserie has a top-rated baking and pastry programme and includes cake decorating and sugar work

West Coast Chef School Tel: 082 923 8110; Email: The West Coast Chef School in Langebaan is a small, intimate school that was taken over in 2014 by chef lecturer and SACA judge Fransa and her husband Heinrich Mouton. They offer plenty of personal attention to guide you to your culinary dreams.

  1. DIPLOMA IN FOOD PREPARATION AND COOKING (PATISSERIE) (Starting date for 2015 – 16 July) 6 months; 3 days per week; The Level 2 Diploma in Patisserie is a specialty qualification covering food safety, and preparation of a variety of patisserie products.


The Tourism and Business Institute of South Africa Tel: 021 448 5432; Email This private hotel and professional cookery & culinary arts school along the Liesbeek Parkway in Mowbray, Cape Town offers quality education at affordable rates. They offer a Level 1 and Level 3 (advanced) Diploma in Patisserie, along with events, hotel and tourism management skills and other supportive courses for the different facets of these industries.

CPUT Chocolate Factory


Situated at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology at the Bellville campus, this Chocolate and Confectionery centre is supported by the national department of trade and industry (dti) as well as the S.A. Chocolate and Sweet Manufacturers Association (SACSMA).

Training at the CPUT Chocolate Factory will be around chocolate awareness, chocolate making and working with chocolate aswell as the manufacture of basic sugar confection.

The aims of the chocolate Factory:

To train the CPUT students in the art of Chocolate and Confectionery.

  • To train staff in the industry (large and small)
  • For SMME’s and start–up businesses to use the facility for short production runs (Micro-incubation), experimentation,
  • as well as for technical services.

The CPUT Chocolate Factory boasts the following equipment (available in 2 lines):
FOR CHOCOLATE MAKING: A refiner conch (20-25kg), Ball mill, 250mm enrober, coating pans, chocolate sprayer, storage/cooling vessels, cooling tunnel and a small depositor.
FOR SUGAR CONFECTIONERY: An open pan cooker (25 liters), cooling table, pulling machine, candy forming line, blender/mixer, manual roll former and a bar guillotine.

Support services available at the Food Technology department at CPUT –
Chemical, microbiological and physical food analysis;

  • Expert, qualified staff to advise on projects and or products;
  • Product and process development capacity related to various industry and product sectors;
  • Desktop literature searching, data mining and research planning capacity.

These services are managed and conducted by the Agrifood Technology Station in combination with expertise from academics involved in the training of Food Technologists up to a Masters level.

For a quote on services and for more information on our chocolate courses, please email chief Oompah Loompah, Mr Larry Dolley, on